My Hospital Birth, My First Birth

April 18, 2018


           August 12, 2009 at 10:00am after so much paperwork, my nurse, Jessica, said I was 1cm and induced me with 25 mg of cytotec (see warnings: as directed by my Dr.  I waited in the bed and ate soda crackers with Ginger Ale until 1:00pm.  My contractions were regular, but mild.


Granzy arrived!  At 2:00pm I was still just 1cm.  Therefore, Jessica gave me another 25mg of the cytotec induction pill. 


Dad and Angela arrived, so Granzy left for lunch.  As we were talking, my contractions were regular, four minutes apart, getting closer and increasing in pain.  At 5:00pm, myself, Carl, and Granzy went for another walk.  We were only walking for a few minutes when my contractions caused me to hold onto Carl around his stomach as Granzy helped me breathe and stay focused.  It seemed as if my contractions were no more than two minutes apart and Melody was bearing down.  At 5:30pm I was pushed to my room in a wheelchair. 


At 5:50pm I was only 3cm .  The contractions got worse in pain so I asked for Staydall, a relaxing medicine, at about 6:15pm.  As soon as the medication was in my system I vomited three times (6:20pm).  At 6:30pm I was dilated 6cm, yikes!.  I took one contraction at a time and soon went into transition.  There was a definite increase in pain and number of contractions as I lay there on my back.  Carl was holding my left hand and saying encouraging and supporting words.  Granzy was holding my right hand while helping me breath, focus, and stay in my right mind.  Angela was speaking encouraging words while fanning me with a book.  My contractions were abnormally intense, long lasting with only less than a minute apart. At 7:10pm, I was 9 ½ cm!!!  Jessica then broke my waters and said I could now begin to push while still on my back.  However, Dr. Mont Louis was not in the room yet so I did not push too hard plus it hurt to push.  At 7:15pm I was 10cm.  Everyone was rejoicing and trying to make me excited about finally reaching 10cm.  However, I was more worried than I was excited because they were just now calling my Doctor, Kathleen, and they had to leave her a voice-mail!  Jessica gave me the go ahead to push, but I still did not begin to push hard until I saw Dr. Kathleen walk in the room . 


By the time my doctor got “suited up” Melody’s head was crowning.  A few minutes later Melody's head came out. It was like someone hit my reset button and I had great motivation and excitement to push her shoulders out although it was more difficult than her head.  Once Dr. unwrapped the cord, and performed much head flexion, Melody was born at 7:26pm. Melody’s mouth and nose was suctioned and we all heard Melody's first little cry.  


Immediately after, Carl cut the cord, then Melody was placed on my chest.  We were FINALLY able to look at and adore precious little Melody. She weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and was 18 3/4 inches long. Shortly after, even before breastfeeding, Melody was taken away to get her first bath. I was taken to my postpartum room and waited 2 hours for her, but she never came. So, Carl had to go get her from the nursery. A few hours later a nurse came in while we were sleeping and took melody back to the nursery. Almost immediately after, we awoke to realize what just happened and Carl ran back to the nursery to get her back again.


The next day a Pediatrician came in to "educate" me about why I should vaccinate my baby. Instead, he got educated by me about why I should never vaccinate my baby. He admitted that I was right and quietly left.


My recovery was terrible! I had to have stitches and the nurses did not give me proper postpartum care instructions, so I ended up in the ER shortly after being home.  My Dr. also prescribed me pain medicine that was classified in the “C” range.  This range was too high for a nursing mama to be taking.  Poor Melody's bowels were harmed and she passed her milk almost as soon as she nursed. My bleeding stopped at the very end of my sixth week and I was back to myself after about 10 weeks :(.


About two years later I learned the definition of hemorrhage and knew this happened to me! How horrible to hemorrhage and not be told!  I also had/have some health issues that are labeled as side effects of cytotec. After these overwhelming and unnecessary birthing events, I decided to find and use a midwife to catch my next baby at a birthing center or at home.


Keep an eye out for the next blog post revealing my next birth, a HOME BIRTH!




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