Lauren's Journey

My first child was born in the hospital and the next three at home with a midwife. After receiving care from midwives, I developed a burden to become a personal, professional, and holistic midwife. It is my passion to help mothers have a safe, blessed and natural birth. I have been humbled to help families through pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum since 2013.

Education, Training and Certifications:

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! This is an exciting yet serious season of life and I am here to support, guide and protect your birth experience. I attend planned home births, birth center and hospital births within 2 hours of Mobile, AL.

Lauren Wilkins

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Free Consultation

1 Prenatal Visit

Labor & Birth

Immediate Postpartum Support

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Phone & Email Support

1 Prenatal Visit

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labor & birth day prep, breastfeeding tips, and infant care tips

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I Believe

Birth is a miraculous event, beautifully and perfectly designed by God. Every mother deserves good quality support and guidance. Proper nutrition and healthy habits are essential for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Sometimes intervention is needed, but should only be done when necessary and with the mother's informed consent. Labor can be intense, but is a natural process that can be fulfilling. Pregnancy and birth should be overseen by a birth professional who honors the mother's decisions. Birth should happen where the mother feels comfortable, safe and protected. The baby should immediately be given to the mother as she desires.


Lauren was the biggest blessing! From the first time we met, we instantly connected and I felt like she really listened to my needs and wants while also giving me her own advice which was much appreciated. She radiates this amazing energy and knows how to keep me in control and present with each intense contraction. I am fairly confident I was able to stick to my plan of a natural vaginal delivery with her support. She also did an amazing job of working with my husband, mother-in-law and all the hospital staff - they all loved her. Best decision I made going into this pregnancy! Thank you!


Lauren is professional, approachable, knowledgeable and extremely passionate about her work, which is evident in her practice. She was able to read my cues during labor and delivery, and she made sure I was as best taken care of as possible. She has a calm yet confident demeanor which was wonderful during labor, delivery and all the visits. I would recommend Lauren to a friend searching for a compassionate and committed doula.


I can't thank Lauren enough for her support provided during my pregnancy and delivery. I would not have been able to have the natural birth I dreamed of without her. She has such a calm, kind, gentle nature about her that it was exactly what I needed to get through each contraction. She helped facilitate communication to the hospital staff to let me use warm water as a pain technique and that was what really made things more bearable. I would recommend Lauren as a doula to any of my friends who are looking for that support in future pregnancies. Thanks for everything Lauren!